Administrative Support

Administrative support generally refers to the day-to-day office and executive tasks. Some of the most common functions you can expect from the administrative support staffs are:

  • Sorting and Filing
  • Photocopying and Collating
  • Keeping records of all the important works and transactions
  • Running Errands
  • Typing Correspondence
  • Word processing and typing
  • Scheduling an appointment
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Virtual assistant companies in Australia

Customer support

Customer support is what every virtual assistant does. It is precisely the kind of services one can offer to cost-effectively assist the customers. Here, the assistance refers to every single aspect of the business like planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, and maintenance, upgrading, or even calling back the product or service.

Bookkeeping support

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and it’s part of the accounting process in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual or organization. Here are some of the most common accounting tools you can expect from our bookkeeper:

  • Quickbooks online
  • Quickbooks Accountant
  • Quiken
  • Xero
  • Freshbooks
  • Myob
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Virtual Assistant

Data Mining

The term “Data Mining” might sound unfamiliar to many. However, successful companies use Data mining frequently. It is the process of extracting very large databases (mostly pre-existing ones) to attain and find out new information and data. Big corporations mostly use Data Mining because the database is always huge, and they will have to use high-end measures to go through the data to analyze the facts and figures.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another major area that clients would love to assign it to a virtual assistant. Email marketing refers to marketing a product or service using email. Our virtual assistants develop targeted campaigns specifically for your business. They monitor data for effectiveness, and then from this information, the next strategy is defined and delivered. It can be as simple as your monthly newsletter or one-off campaigns to test your market.

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Virtual Assistant Service in Australia

Human Resource

A business can never run without the contribution of an effective human resource team. In other words, human resource representatives are key players for running a smooth business. A virtual assistant in Australia is an excellent choice to take care of the activities of an HR representative. Applicant screening, recruiting and background verifications are the major areas where a VA can help.

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Inbound Sales

Inbound sales tasks can involve your virtual assistant researching the lead and their motivation to make contact. Virtual assistants analyze the data to see how/when/where your leads are finding you and where they are sitting in the buyer’s journey based on their behaviors. This information is imperative for not only defining good leads from bad ones but also for the development of the next best steps in contacting and securing customers.

Outsourced accounting services
Virtual Assistant for Book Keeping

Live support

This could be answering the customer queries over the phone, or an email following up on the concerns of a customer. Assisting the customers in the form of a live chat when the customer visits a website is another important part of this service. In short, live support refers to immediate customer assistance in real-time with a real person, ensuring your customers always feel they have the support they need.

Mailing list

Mailing list refers to the list of people who subscribe to the timely distribution of emails on a specific topic. This is a very common practice nowadays and almost all major software producers and vendors use this. The mandatory part will be collecting the email addresses and finding out the customers who are willing to subscribe. More importantly, a business entity will have to keep a record of all these and that is where a virtual assistant can be helpful.

Outsourced accounting services
Finance and accounting outsourcing

Web Development

Almost any business needs to have its website if it wants to be considered as an official company. A skilled virtual assistant can cost-effectively help you build a well-designed website from scratch. They help you launch your website from beginning to end. The best part is that they are highly skilled in various web development frameworks to meet your needs.

Web Research

Researching is a time-consuming and quite often confusing task if you don’t have experience in this area. Your virtual assistant will produce detailed reports and findings of your industry, your competitors, and ongoing market conditions to help you make smarter decisions, and forecasting the growth areas of your business.

Best Cost and Rate for Virtual Assistants
Best Cost and Rate for Virtual Assistants

Word Processing & Data entry

Word processing & data entry is just some basic services that a virtual assistant can provide.

Looking after anything from copywriting, data entry, contract preparation through to invoicing, and just basic customer service. These are the tasks that always seem to slip behind when other pressing issues arise but your VA will be looking after everything behind the scenes so that you can concentrate on important areas.

Real Estate support

Using a VA for real estate can encompass different aspects and tasks within your business across both sales and property management environments. Looking after anything from contract preparation, ad and copy development, and loading through to CRM management.

Finance and accounting outsourcing

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    Virtual Services That We Offer:
    • Virtual assistant
    • Appointment Setter
    • Executive Assistant
    • Cold caller
    • Lead generation
    • Email Marketing
    • Admin Assistant
    • Social Media Assistant
    • SEO
    • Content writer
    • Google Adwords
    • PPC Expert
    • Linkedin Lead Generation
    • Social media Packages
    • Bookkeeping Assistant
    • Tax Accountant
    • Payrol Expert
    • SMSF Accountant
    • Financial Planner
    • Financial Analysts
    • Graphic Designers
    • IT Assistant
    • Web Developer
    • Software Developer
    • IT Support
    • Networking Engineer
    • Front End Developers
    • App Developers
    • Python Developers
    • Database Developers
    • .Net Developer
    • Mortgage brokers assistant
    • Logistic assistant
    • Real estate leasing Assistant
    • Real estate virtual Assistant
    • Civil Engineer
    • Drafters
    • Structural Engineer
    • Cad Designers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Electronic Engineer
    • Legal Assistant
    • Paralegal Assistant
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Transcripts and billing
    • Recruitment Assistant
    • Project Manager
    • Research Analyst